Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Ellen Tordesillas Rocks (And why Willie doesn't)

By now, it's a social network site issue. It blotted Rebecca Black out of the trend. Worse, it put Willie Revillame into the limelight.

Hello everyone, Ranting Hatter is back to react.
To rant.
And re-emphasize. :)

Today's issue at hand:

Yes... You've read it right, from the article of the great Ellen Tordesillas (whose interview with the late Angelo Reyes was beyond truth--it was reality.)

The March 12 episode of Willing-Willie was the trending topic because of what we call the Jan-jan incident. I myself did not dare watch the video, for I can't imagine watching a kid cry while dancing like a macho dancer when all the audience in the studio would laugh like sneering hyenas. I was hesitant to make this move, of showing my support to those against it--because of the fact that it could only bring more light to the incident.

Willie Revillame is horrible. He's the Red King, the King of Hearts.
He once existed as a BASTOS host during my childhood days. Watching MTB would mean watching Willie look at Calendar Girls' boobs and justify that the pendant they were wearing were attention-seeking. Willie is the guy who would dance with the dancers like Dindy-licious, and rub his arm to some body parts of the poor female dancer, clad in two-piece apparel on national television.

Willie Revillame was axed.
He was too much, and so MTB had to be removed.
Then he came back with Wowowee... Entertaining, yes, but the success of the show created a new Willie Revillame... A monster. A fame monster.

Yelling on national tv, lambasting Cory Aquino, and reprimanding staff on-air---
these were his characteristics.

And when he moved to TV5, he still felt happy and proud.
His new show, which was a mere carbon copy of the former, just swept the hearts of Pinoys.

Because of FUN? no. Because of MONEY.

Then I remember his alliance with Villar. If Noynoy used his mom and dad, Villar used the mahihiraps----thinking they were dumb enough to follow.

It was a Willie Revillame stint then... Approaching poor people... Showering money and all...

And the great Willie never learned.

Now, he deserves to be thrown away. After this incident, I wonder how he could still face the public with pride, boasting while apologizing. While your show could help, Willie, YOU CAN'T. Your money can, but your heart will never help.

At least we'll see him suspended again. If not now, SOON. :)

this is your Ranting Hatter. I just ranted. :)


  1. Willie has so many supporters because in the minds of the rest of the population, he is a kind messiah. It's hegemony at its finest, really. And no matter how much we want to save those masses, they don't want to be saved. Tayo ang contrabida. DSWD pa ang na-crucify. (I was no longer shocked to see Willie supporters argue it out over YouTube and blog comments. Some of them even argue so well in English, so we can't say they're all ignorants either.)

    I'm so thankful na lang that Jollibee pulled out Mang Inasal ads. If big companies won't act, the decisions will be controlled by the masses themselves. Eh we're trying to instill nga corporate social responsibility. I hope other companies follow suit.


    Here you go @skysenshi... Exciting. :)