Thursday, April 7, 2011

Insider News: Willing Willie

From very reliable sources:

1) As of now, Jollibee (Mang Inasal), P&G, and Del Monte have pulled out their ads from Willing-Willie....

2) PANA, AdBoard, and various agencies are working as well-- all on pressing pressure on the TV Show... And TV5... More companies will pull out soon...

3) MVP didn't really like Willie. He did not. And if this puts an effect, he could let go of Willie in a breeze...

4) SADLY, ratings of Willing-Willie go higher...

But then, our advertisers follow Conscience.
At least, there's good in Advertising.

Insider alert only from your Ranting Hatter. :)


  1. And someone tweeted me because of my tweet... KJ daw ako O_O

  2. There's a lot of ways to build up JOY... those joys that destruct, they are meant to be killed talaga. Kaya oks lang maging KJ, basta nasa tama. :))

  3. Kasi I just said 'Willie was epal'... IT CLEARLY SHOWS! Napakadesperate na ng ibang viewers at supporters tsk tsk. They see Willie as their 'god' (pero I doubt yung iba idol si Willie, ginagamit rin siya) diba?

  4. But true enough, Pro-Willie peeps have good arguments... And bottom line is this is business... It just becomes an eyesore talaga when platforms such as these become either helpful or destructive--or should I say, siguro baka ang mali asa host lang talaga? :))

  5. Yeah, I agree... it's the host. Bakit ang EB hindi nanglalait pero nakakatulong naman. It's character :D