Friday, April 16, 2010

WOWOWILLIE and His Credibility

yep... :) the winner for our first poll is Willie Revillame, and the blog will come up soon. :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010



In a week's time, Ranting Hatter will be allowing viewers to vote who they think should be "stabdicated" next in the series of spear throwing.

Who'd be the next victim? YOU DECIDE!
vote through the poll at the upper part of this blog page. :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Break His Balls By the Club

oooohhhh... gruesome title huh? I say it's cruel...
oh, no... I say it's APPROPRIATE...

For today, the Ranting Hatter will be giving the spear a rest and instead I will be pulling out an old golf club for our rottenbuckling disrespecting faultfulling ambushkissing (HATTER!) sorry, uuuhh, failure Tiger Woods. (Old story, huh. Sorry, I just got here, okay?)

I won't be feeding you with news... You could google that a lot. I'd just be throwing out rants and tirades against this golfer whom i always thought of as a golf ball swinger, but it turned out he's been swinging his swagger to women other than his wife as well...

Well, Woods had his glory days... he's been there for like... FOREVER, right? And say, the scandals coming up to his door post one innocent morning was really a drastic faltering of what he had worked hard for. He lost his crowning glory not be defeat, but by his erroneous actions.

Tiger Woods' sex scandal was caught on video, and apparently, that video found its way out and lo and behold--- it's a world sensation! The stories came out straight from Tiger's roaring mistress, and that was Wood's end. :D

The Ranting Hatter condemns Tiger Woods for his disrespect for women, and moreover, disrespect to his wife and family.

You see all men must be able to understand that women are not effin' dolls. They're not there for playin' around. It's not a golf game, dude!

Well, Tiger's moving on... and he should, right? He should. He should cling on to his wife's unending support--- who, by the way, isn't coping well. Tsk Tsk Tsk, Tiger? okay live a life...

Just don't live a life that's for bachelors, o'right? :) Coz you are not.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hats Off: Holy Week Recognition

Your Ranting Hatter turns to serious mode in honoring 3 people from different backgrounds in light of the reflection Holy Week has bestowed upon us. Here's

Ranting Hatter's Big Three of Honor...

Maricar Reyes

Maricar Reyes is a Filipina actress who has recently joined showbiz, shunning her past as a doctor. Launched as Star Magic's newest stars, Maricar Reyes achieved fame due to rather a hurtful series of events. 2009 it was when explicit videos of then Doctor Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili (actress) sprouted all over the place. It was soon discovered that voyeur Hayden Kho had videos of sensual moments with his female victims. One of them was Maricar Reyes.

Hers was a broken future. She lost dignity even before she was dignified by acting fame. She was destroyed, judged, and obviously abused by masculine lust. Her professional work deemed an end, and she was hopeless.

But Maricar Reyes worked her way out and emerged respectable. She did not respond to anything and just did what she ought to do... Today, Maricar Reyes soars in primetime as she acts with bigtime actors and actresses. She poses a smile that affirms the need to respect her as a woman despite the tragedy. Hats Off to Maricar Reyes.

Corazon Aquino

Ranting Hatter honors this woman for her legacy of good governance and her definition of a true people power. Her name is famous enough that the Ranting Hatter may not anymore describe who she is. Since every word rendered to this respected icon just goes lost into cyberspace, let us keep it short and simple:

Thank You, Tita Cory. You gave us Freedom. You gave us Hope. You gave us Light.

Jesus Christ

The Ranting Hatter honors our one and only Savior Jesus Christ.

Holy Week is the time for us to reflect on what this one person did to save our eternally damned souls. It is best to remember that he lived in a human body, so all the pain and suffering were real. He scorched and gnashed and bled to the core. He carried a heavy cross to which he was nailed to. He, by doing such, paid the ransom for our sins.

We are sinners. Our sins of the past, present, and future, I believe, has been paid for by this generous man...

Thank You, Jesus Christ. You know me from the heart. Hats Off to you!

and there you have it. :) short and simple. :)