Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ON RH BILL and Lea Salonga

IT's just a short break from the stressing week I have right now. :)

here's my story... :)

She has been very visible, lately. Ms. Lea Salonga is a real person, ladies and gentlemen. Not only did she voice Ariel's song in The Little Mermaid by Walt Disney, she is and will forever be a BROADWAY Star.

Recently, her name has been dragged to a disheartening issue involving Willie Revillame, who starred in about 3 posts in this blog site. Lea Salonga had to twit via twitter about her reactions, and apparently, she was not "in the position" to actually "judge" Willie Revillame. The latter said that he would sue the artists who twitted about him---and his counsel agreed.

What Happened... What Ever Happened... to freedom of expression?!
It has now become Freedom: Repression.

Well, Lea Salonga is in the news again, this time, because of Condoms being "prescribed" at a village in Alabang... Well, as the ordinance would say, no one could buy it unless it's prescribed. I don't know if elder married people could buy it... But for thos einterested, they should buy with a prescription note...


Lea Salonga makes waves in yellow costumes, specially in this news, where she was caught by cameras while participating on a mass protest.

image from whynotcoconut.com

Now... I won't say that I know everything about the RH Bill. I saw one post from UST where the RH Bill was carefully studied and that the conclusion is that it's not right for us...


People. Filipinos.
Why does it have to be something like this? I mean. Now the church is ranting. now the students are joining. And now, Lea Salonga is protesting? There's only one reason for this and the reason is, WE CAN'T GENERALIZE EVERYONE.

So if the RH Bill, whose main proponents and supporters have already released TV ads starring Risa Hontiveros Baraquel, would be approved and would be a law in itself, in the end, people will still and should still have their freedom of choice.

I'm sorry about this, but the Ranting hatter wants to be honest.

If the Catholic Church would say that promoting contraceptives would mean promoting premarital sex and a lot of other "sinful" things, well, I wish they could look at the many Catholics in the country who:

1) Wants RH Bill Approved
2) Commits sex in a lot of ways (there are people who belong with them that actually does premarital sex, right?)
3) Do not want to show a strong support over their cause...
4) Husbands and Wives who uses contraceptives and other family planning methods

If the Church is so worried about the YOUTH or the PEOPLE being led to do these sins, then the LAW did not fail. It is them who failed to establish the main reasons why SEX is valid only for MARRIAGE, under its rules and paradigms. If their people start to buy condoms and the rest is history, then who failed? They should start checking before branding the community, before dictating what to do.

What I see here is this. The Church is afraid, and by far it's just right to fight for the morality and the righteousness that the Bible teaches... but they also do not know how to communicate their causes properly. What happens is that, they bring this to one big conclusion, and enforce a "solution" to the problem only to aggravate the situation. (Miriam Santiago tone) Again, this is my opinion. :)

If the RH Bill is approved, the Church should strengthen its way of communicating things. Biblically. And stop sounding like a Government within a Government. I respect them. I do. But some people up there don't know what real transformation is all about... How could they set examples? how could they teach the right things? Oh my. the list will just be long... I have a lot to say, but out of respect, I won't. Yeah, I'm not a Catholic. :)

And so, Ranting Hatter gives Lea Salonga a HAT'S OFF for a wonderful wonderful job of making a STAND for her opinion. Not only did she prove she is a modern woman, she is also proving to us that not all SENIOR moment singers commit petty mistakes and petty issues to cling on to the hangers of fame. (Hello, Ms. Sharon. hahahaha!!!!!)


  1. I <3 <3 <3 Lea Salonga.

    Ako naman, I forgive Sharon. (Ang feeling ko naman!) Hehe. Di naman kasi puwedeng pare-pareho ugali ng mga tao. People make mistakes and some people learn from them, some don't. :)