Tuesday, April 12, 2011


sorry hindi ko nirotate... para mahirapan kayo... :))

Hear me out. It's not that I hate going to the UP Area. Sooner or later, when I get enough funds, I'd like to take some units there... Art History or Art Studies maybe... kasi I want to get an MBA from Ateneo eh... :)

Yeah, and I have friends in UP... :)

But I've always dreaded riding that UP jeep that could take me to PHILCOA. I see a lot of UP students and they are all cultures within themselves. I see cool dudes, I see girls in shorts and they look tomboyish... I see nerds... I see careless people who just looked like they were buying something from a store, an errand perhaps...

yesterday was a nerve-wracking experience.

I sat beside this guy, whose name I remember as SAM Manuel...
(I saw it. he is wearing his ID)

At first I thought everything was normal. Everything was okay...

And then suddenly, this Manuel murmured...
then he gestured...
then he reasoned out with himself...

I noticed he is actually memorizing something... For a defense or a recitation perhaps... And I admire him for really studying very well... it kept on until I had to go down at PHILCOA because I was going to a print shop that time...

But my... what a dreadful ride...
Not for me...
For him!

it seemed like he had forgotten it was a public transportation (well, it's filled with UP peeps naman so okay lang... hahaha) and he was reasoning out with himself with matching intonations and gestures! Waaaahhh! and the fact that UP is getting nearer and nearer, it's nerve-wracking FOR HIM! What if the exam or defense would determine if he's passing or not? nakakabaliw yun.... I wanted to speak to him and say... Kuya relax lang kaya mo yan, but I don't want to be taken as pakialamero or something. :))

What if... Gusto lang niya talagang mag-aral maigi? diba? Pwede naman siguro yun. :)

Someday, he will be like these excellent SUMMAS in UP. :)

Well, dear UP student, do good in there... :)
And save this country after you graduate. :)
Ikaw ang pag-asa ng bayan. Keep it up! :)

ON RH BILL and Lea Salonga

IT's just a short break from the stressing week I have right now. :)

here's my story... :)

She has been very visible, lately. Ms. Lea Salonga is a real person, ladies and gentlemen. Not only did she voice Ariel's song in The Little Mermaid by Walt Disney, she is and will forever be a BROADWAY Star.

Recently, her name has been dragged to a disheartening issue involving Willie Revillame, who starred in about 3 posts in this blog site. Lea Salonga had to twit via twitter about her reactions, and apparently, she was not "in the position" to actually "judge" Willie Revillame. The latter said that he would sue the artists who twitted about him---and his counsel agreed.

What Happened... What Ever Happened... to freedom of expression?!
It has now become Freedom: Repression.

Well, Lea Salonga is in the news again, this time, because of Condoms being "prescribed" at a village in Alabang... Well, as the ordinance would say, no one could buy it unless it's prescribed. I don't know if elder married people could buy it... But for thos einterested, they should buy with a prescription note...


Lea Salonga makes waves in yellow costumes, specially in this news, where she was caught by cameras while participating on a mass protest.

image from whynotcoconut.com

Now... I won't say that I know everything about the RH Bill. I saw one post from UST where the RH Bill was carefully studied and that the conclusion is that it's not right for us...


People. Filipinos.
Why does it have to be something like this? I mean. Now the church is ranting. now the students are joining. And now, Lea Salonga is protesting? There's only one reason for this and the reason is, WE CAN'T GENERALIZE EVERYONE.

So if the RH Bill, whose main proponents and supporters have already released TV ads starring Risa Hontiveros Baraquel, would be approved and would be a law in itself, in the end, people will still and should still have their freedom of choice.

I'm sorry about this, but the Ranting hatter wants to be honest.

If the Catholic Church would say that promoting contraceptives would mean promoting premarital sex and a lot of other "sinful" things, well, I wish they could look at the many Catholics in the country who:

1) Wants RH Bill Approved
2) Commits sex in a lot of ways (there are people who belong with them that actually does premarital sex, right?)
3) Do not want to show a strong support over their cause...
4) Husbands and Wives who uses contraceptives and other family planning methods

If the Church is so worried about the YOUTH or the PEOPLE being led to do these sins, then the LAW did not fail. It is them who failed to establish the main reasons why SEX is valid only for MARRIAGE, under its rules and paradigms. If their people start to buy condoms and the rest is history, then who failed? They should start checking before branding the community, before dictating what to do.

What I see here is this. The Church is afraid, and by far it's just right to fight for the morality and the righteousness that the Bible teaches... but they also do not know how to communicate their causes properly. What happens is that, they bring this to one big conclusion, and enforce a "solution" to the problem only to aggravate the situation. (Miriam Santiago tone) Again, this is my opinion. :)

If the RH Bill is approved, the Church should strengthen its way of communicating things. Biblically. And stop sounding like a Government within a Government. I respect them. I do. But some people up there don't know what real transformation is all about... How could they set examples? how could they teach the right things? Oh my. the list will just be long... I have a lot to say, but out of respect, I won't. Yeah, I'm not a Catholic. :)

And so, Ranting Hatter gives Lea Salonga a HAT'S OFF for a wonderful wonderful job of making a STAND for her opinion. Not only did she prove she is a modern woman, she is also proving to us that not all SENIOR moment singers commit petty mistakes and petty issues to cling on to the hangers of fame. (Hello, Ms. Sharon. hahahaha!!!!!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Insider News: Willing Willie

From very reliable sources:

1) As of now, Jollibee (Mang Inasal), P&G, and Del Monte have pulled out their ads from Willing-Willie....

2) PANA, AdBoard, and various agencies are working as well-- all on pressing pressure on the TV Show... And TV5... More companies will pull out soon...

3) MVP didn't really like Willie. He did not. And if this puts an effect, he could let go of Willie in a breeze...

4) SADLY, ratings of Willing-Willie go higher...

But then, our advertisers follow Conscience.
At least, there's good in Advertising.

Insider alert only from your Ranting Hatter. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Ellen Tordesillas Rocks (And why Willie doesn't)

By now, it's a social network site issue. It blotted Rebecca Black out of the trend. Worse, it put Willie Revillame into the limelight.

Hello everyone, Ranting Hatter is back to react.
To rant.
And re-emphasize. :)

Today's issue at hand:

Yes... You've read it right, from the article of the great Ellen Tordesillas (whose interview with the late Angelo Reyes was beyond truth--it was reality.)

The March 12 episode of Willing-Willie was the trending topic because of what we call the Jan-jan incident. I myself did not dare watch the video, for I can't imagine watching a kid cry while dancing like a macho dancer when all the audience in the studio would laugh like sneering hyenas. I was hesitant to make this move, of showing my support to those against it--because of the fact that it could only bring more light to the incident.

Willie Revillame is horrible. He's the Red King, the King of Hearts.
He once existed as a BASTOS host during my childhood days. Watching MTB would mean watching Willie look at Calendar Girls' boobs and justify that the pendant they were wearing were attention-seeking. Willie is the guy who would dance with the dancers like Dindy-licious, and rub his arm to some body parts of the poor female dancer, clad in two-piece apparel on national television.

Willie Revillame was axed.
He was too much, and so MTB had to be removed.
Then he came back with Wowowee... Entertaining, yes, but the success of the show created a new Willie Revillame... A monster. A fame monster.

Yelling on national tv, lambasting Cory Aquino, and reprimanding staff on-air---
these were his characteristics.

And when he moved to TV5, he still felt happy and proud.
His new show, which was a mere carbon copy of the former, just swept the hearts of Pinoys.

Because of FUN? no. Because of MONEY.

Then I remember his alliance with Villar. If Noynoy used his mom and dad, Villar used the mahihiraps----thinking they were dumb enough to follow.

It was a Willie Revillame stint then... Approaching poor people... Showering money and all...

And the great Willie never learned.

Now, he deserves to be thrown away. After this incident, I wonder how he could still face the public with pride, boasting while apologizing. While your show could help, Willie, YOU CAN'T. Your money can, but your heart will never help.

At least we'll see him suspended again. If not now, SOON. :)

this is your Ranting Hatter. I just ranted. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesssssss,,,,, the Ranting Hatter is back... And as usual, I go back with a spectacular comeback... Talk about being back. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

My very very random blog is about the Angry Birds-- nope, not the Apple game (or PC free game download) but about the real angry birds in our society... in our midst... in our very own places in school, office, in MRT, everywhere.

What is an Angry Bird?

An Angry Bird is someone who is bitter because his or her eggs were stolen by so-called pigs. I know of an angry bird who enjoys sourgraping. This bird is MAD. ANGRY. CRAZY.

At this point, let's call this bird Chicken. Then the pic says there are 5 angry birds, so let's call them Twitters. Hahahaha!!!! And let's pretend that for this time-being, chickens are supposed to lay eggs and GIVE THEM TO OTHERS. And since this is RANDOM, Let's use his/her to depict the sexuality as it is important to mention in the flow of storytelling. Unless you're okay with Chicken Chicken Chicken from here til the end. Chicken thinks that by conceiving an egg, success will come his/her way. She/He took care of the egg... But eventually, it was not meant for him/her. Chicken begins to be an Angry Bird.

He/She plots to go to the trajectory path---that upward direction--thinking that up there, everything would be under his or her control. Chicken is scheming and witty and dangerous, and we could call him or her a bitch (or manbitch) for having this black heart and mind. Upon learning that his/her prized possessions were taken, Chicken begins to talk bullshit.

Chicken is annoying. No, it's not your Ranting Hatter's idea... It's everyone else's perception. But Chicken thinks he/she is well-loved by people... Chicken created an illusion, and enjoyed living in that made-up world. He/she is the queen or king of that world, and no one could stop Chicken's beak. Since his/her beak is strong and can knock over woods and stones and ice blocks, he/she uses this advantage to break into other people's businesses.

And so, Chicken moves to the slingshot. In Chicken's mind, this thought plays continuously:

"I did not get what I deserve. I deserve that egg. I conceived that. And if others would benefit from what I deserved to get, then they're not getting anything at all. Before I leave this farm (let's pretend he/she lives in a farm) I will make sure they won't get anything from my egg... I'll bring them down!"

Chicken was supposed to be smart, but his/her ways aren't just.

Chicken climbs on to the slingshot, ready to make his/her debut as a Superhero in Space.

But Chicken's dumbness lie on the fact that he/she made an entirely different illusion--the wit wasn't really there, the talent wasn't there, and the friends---those birds that are also willing to ride the slingshot--all knew their fates...

If Chicken knew what to do, this should have been the case:

 m \frac{\mathrm{d}^2 \vec{x}(t)}{\mathrm{d}t^2} = -\nabla V(\vec{x}(t)) with \vec{x} = (x, y, z)
Mass representing inertia and V representing external forces will enable Chicken to determine what will happen. Add to that the fact that everything is subject to gravity--plus the external forces, in air, like wind, drag, and probably humidity too... And distance and speed and acceleration would also depend on these physical rules...

Bottom line, if Chicken knew what he/she was doing, the end will be seen.

the intellectuals say.

And while Chicken enjoys his/her flight up there, ready to break everything apart and show that he/she is the best there is, suddenly he/she will be surprised...

All ANGRY BIRDS----the red, the yellow, the trio blue, the egger, the bomb, the hornbill boomerang--- everything falls down, and...


They vanish.

Chicken should have known better.

He/she deserves the fall.

After backstabbing and attempting to bring a whole house of ice blocks and woods and stones and wheels, all to bury the pigs that are green as snakes, Chicken will see him/herself buried in the same pit. Dead. And Unsuccessful.

--------------- (break line)

I enjoy playing Angry Birds, but not in my Mac OS X. My lil bro downloaded a PC version, there... enjoying it. :))

And yes, while I maintain a blogger identity of Ranting and bringing up Issues in life or in death, I also know that I should be responsible in the blogs that I do. Then again, this is freedom of expression, right? That's why my blog will and can never be an advertisement site--it's just so random and done in no particular time.

What I wanted this post to do is this:

(Aside from, well, posting a true to life story) I wanted everyone to take this simple lesson from Angry Birds. We might think too highly of ourselves that we forget we all fall down and fall short of the real integrity and excellence and therefore, righteousness. We are imperfect people. But let's not add insult to that imperfection. If we have behaviors like Chicken's selfish, dim-witted character, we add insult to the truth.

And we can all be angry birds in one way or another.

If somebody maligned you when you were young or when you were old or when you were at the mall or whatever-----

If you think things did not go according to what you think they should be---

Without considering reasons, without looking at the mirror, without paying respect, without consideration, with dirty backstabbing and pointing fingers at people who we think are pigs and snakes that took our eggs away

we will be angry birds.

It's our choice if we'll take that slingshot ride to the trajectory.
And if we do choose to take that temporary flight,
we know what could happen.

While most of you would say I fight my enemies face to face, I won't. I'm the ranting hatter, I just rant. I let the flow of winds and the wrath and fury of REALITY to strike them down.