Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Opening this season's rants and views will be Black Swan, a film I watched because everyone else is talking about it. And yes, I believe in the fake identity of being too moral to not show any sexual scenes in movies here in the Philippines, so I opted to be a criminal at this point, watching it by downloading it... ( i did not, somebody else did. hehehe)

Mind you. When I watch films, I don't sit there and tell myself that I'm a critic. That's "hypocritic". What I do is I open my eyes and heart and mind to enjoy the film, whatever it is. So please, spare me those technical stuff used for reviewing films--if you're so knitty-gritty concerned about the films you watch then go make your own. :)

So... where do I start?

Let's start with Black Swan's story. (I won't spoil it. The story was repeated so many times, staged in many variations, and even had a Barbie Version...)

No. I'm not talking about the Nutcracker. I'm talking about Swan Lake. Makes sense, right?

Black Swan is a psychological thriller/suspense/(and some say it's horror) film.
Call it whatever you wish to call it. You could even call it Bold. Soft Porn. Anything.

The movie is well-crafted. Aside from Natalie Portman, no one else carried the Hollywood Fame... Well, Vincent Cassel is known, but they're kind of a different level in comparison. Portman can be remembered in many Hollywood Films, and Cassel, well, Cassel's a French Actor-director (He's cast as a villain most of the time) and he's the husband of Monica Bellucci.

However, everyone in the film stood by their characters so well. I have a thing with acting, as I am an actor myself. While most of them sees how the lighting was set-up and how the editing was done (and some would even count the frames per second, or if they are very geeky, they'll count the revolutions per second of the ballerinas...), I see acting. I see souls, I see performances...

And so I'll start with that.

I acted in Lubid at Tanikala (Best Director, PWU IFG FILM FESTIVAL) and directed myself together with my co-director Rev Zuniga. My character had to be good and bad, and if you would see it, it's kinda scary. I myself got scared doing the devilish dude. Somehow, I could feel a different power rushing through my veins... and while acting in front of the camera, I must tell myself not to succumb to the personality that's eating me...

And so with that, I applaud Portman. She gave justice to the character--the fear, the angst, it's brilliant... And she did not get herself killed--a lot of good actors who become so engrossed in their characters usually end up dead because they forget that one thing that separates them from their characters--their souls.

Cassel is, as always, astounding. He was not supposed to be a villain, but towards the progression of the film you would suddenly feel that you're actually either getting Portman's good or bad view on things, and realize you too are puzzled with its psychological mystery.

Mila Kunis (Lily) was seductive, seductive enough to make the audience believe that her character was real... It seeps through the flesh, the character makes your teeth gnash in both pleasure and disgust, and eventually you too gets confused because she switches from a b*tch to a smiling, supportive friend...

Surprises: Wanna see Winona Ryder? Wait for Beth's character. :)

The real deal however, is the fact that this film presents the story in a seemingly unique kind of way, although you would know from the very start how it was going to end. Somehow, the use of dark and bright lights, classical music, and ballet ensemble altogether brings the chills. Add to that some pinches of gore and porn and fetish.

Another thing--if you're not really the guy who enjoys lesbo scenes, then... it isn't exactly as "sexy" as they say it is. It's sexy and seductive but I always see that as a form of art--because sexual scenes with a man and a woman sends me a different message, and therefore a different effect. It is no match to Chloe. Believe me. Hahaha!

I was telling my friend that the best part of it was when Portman's character (She's Nina, by the way) turned to the Black Swan. It was heartfelt, and no words were able to make her portray the character. Just body movements, eyes, and a visual effects trick on putting feathers on her--she was right all along--


and there you go, our first blog. :)

catch ya' soon!

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