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Reporting to you the produce of a day-off: My girlfriend and I went shopping, preparing for our graduation picture taking tomorrow... And we finished a bit too early, that's why we decided to...


Among the choices: Burlesque, Rite, 127 hours, and... I forgot the other one...

We opted to watch 127 Hours in Shangri-la because the movie house is cozy and fun and "sosi" for a cheaper price (not sure.) 127 Hours, apparently, is a true story and it's... well, it's nothing but rocks and James Franco---when you look at the poster. It's kinda interesting though because it's from Slumdog's director, Danny Boyle.

So I decided that it's the right movie... And hell, I'm right!!!!

There's something you have to know about how I do my reviews... I type in randomly, not caring about grammar or flow or anything--I just want to be casual about it... 127 Hours deserve a technical review, with its use of superb cinematography (and in case you've been too boxed, cinematography isn't just rule of thirds and what not... it's using lights and visuals so effectively that you feel the video is running inside your body, making you feel you're in it.)

The film begins (ironically) in rule of thirds... Hahahaha! watch it so you'll know what I'm talking about... The music sets you up in the mood, like it's inviting you to take an adventure of a lifetime--and that's what Aron Ralstone is up to (James Franco). Very casually the film went through his preparations, not minding the camera's positions and the lights and whatever--but everything went to the right places.

Aron embarks on a journey to the Blue Canyons and he enjoyed his own sweet time--until he falls down a pit and---well, I don't want to spoil it. Bottomline, he's trapped and he has nowhere to go...

it might be a little too boring, but no. Boyle and his team had something very good under their sleeves that made me and my girlfriend twitch and scream and feel bad and smile and---wow, it's an adventure, really.

Here we go....

James Franco changed my perception about him--I always thought he was... well, nothing but a dude who wants to masturbate 5 times a day, especially without his girlfriend. I don't know, but it's not really a nice thing to admit to the public, but he got a little bit of honor right there for honesty... With this film, I honor him 100 percent, for acting and humor...

Do we remember him in Whatever It Takes? I bet the girls and gays would do, especially with these pics...

But he's more than just *err* a biggie. Or a bigmouth... He's a cool dude, right? and the character he portrayed--man, it's a dream role! So deep in character, so rich background, and so much soul... and then I thought, I found a new Heath Ledger--or probably, a new JOKER...

But more than anything, the film really made me think...


(I have a dream eh! hahahaha!!!!)

Suddenly I thought everything was a big lie--and the teachers were big liars... and the bosses are fat asses... and the not-so-important people in my life deserves to be kicked out of my life...

(that's rude)

Life is not about... doing it alone, or making an effort to be on top, or getting so much units to graduate with flying colors, or facing panelists or whatever-----

life is about facing yourself, your biggest fears, and your "you-ness" when you're out there alone.

127 Hours is a film of life, a mirroring of truth, a challenge, a question, a fact.

(and I did not even speak about how artistically it was done--imagine, visuals representing hallucinations and drinking pee and attempting to masturbate? Gosh, those were good visuals!)

watch it. Or else I'll cut your arm off.


Yours truly,


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