Thursday, July 1, 2010


After 15 years, Disney and Pixar finally gave your Ranting Hatter (and everyone) a rabbithole leading back to Andy's world. There was not even a hint of doubt that our generation, those who have witnessed how Andy's toys came to life, waited for so long to see an appropriate ending. : )

There's got to be an end. It's obvious. Andy cannot stay as a kid forever. he is not Christopher Robin and his toys aren't Pooh and Friends. Andy, unlike Alice, is not a "timeless" character. He was so real that he needed resolve---- playtime would soon be over. And so, after many years, Toy Story 3 arrived.

It's Disney's perfect style. 3d Animation may have gone through various studios and a lot of them proved their worth on it, but Disney films remain to be the closest to human heart. Toy Story was the perfect illustration.

I remember the first time I saw Toy Story 15 years ago and it struck me right at the very core of my childhood thoughts. The lesson to which Sid realized that toys have feelings was a classic lesson to the Toy Story generation. I learned to love my toys more.

For its ending, Toy Story again teaches valuable lessons, but this time, it's not JUST for playtime. It gave me the lesson deserved by a twenty-year-old Toy Story fan. :)


PS: I will forever be a Rex fan. :))

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