Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Spears and Faucericking Blades

The Ranting Hatter observes the Holy Week by not throwing spears and blades to the

bugtwitching capperlocking switchburning gabbotflocking rickspurtbackling wrechestbaggling


ooopsss.. sorry....

to the effin' people of the world.

So Manny Villar won't be stabbed for the second time yet. Paul Cayetano and Gilbert Remulla are next in line. GMA's Cabinet members will also get something from this Ranting Hatter, as well as Diz Is It and Party Pilipinas. :)

For the Holy Week until the Resurrection Sunday, the Ranting Hatter will be taking his hat off to the unwavering and steadfast characters of the world. :) We will have, if time permits, a tea party for the Congratulational Not-Birthday Party for people like Maricar Reyes, Corazon Aquino, CS Lewis, JK Rowling, and yes, Jesus Christ. :)

If time does not permit, however, we'll be cutting down the list to my Big Three. :)

see you soon. :)

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