Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Losing Religion?

This is Ranting Hatter's reaction to the Philippine Star article of Paolo Lorenzana in the March 26 issue of Young Star. Told'ya, this Hatter would blog about anything and everything which makes anyvrithing!

Reading Lorenzana's article " Son of a Preacher Woman" made me feel like I was bamboozled big time. It felt like I was punched and grappled and bandersnatched and anghastified and (HATTER!!!!) ooops, sorry, I was angered.

I told myself, Hey, this man's tearing down the things that I believe in--- being a Born-Again Christian! He should stop this, He should work this out and denounce whatever evil he may have thrown out to the community i belong to!

Then I paused for a while and thought... He has a point! And more than that, I've had a pointless anger because looking at my personal principles, I'd say I'm not like any other Christian there is.

Lorenzana opened his article with describing what prayer is to Born-Again Christians. By keen observation, i could say he really mocked it hardcore. Then he follows by admitting that he grew up godly and was raised by his mother whom he described as "Supreme Warrior Woman of God". I felt like i was looking straight into a mirror---- and then it hit me. I think I could understand where this writer is coming from.

See, (and let me drift away a little from his article) growing up in a devout Christian family blockades one from the harmful things of the world--- the evil, mind-boggling, shattersprutting, gutwringing, flabberwhoppin' (HATTER!!!!) ooops, sorry, things of the world. Blocking, however, does not work for a lifetime. The fact is, NOBODY IS PERFECT. Even Born-Again Christians and Roman Catholics trip and stumble for sometime, and to some, everyday. Those who cannot accept it are hypocrites... BIG TIME HYPOCRITES. The truth is, we all are works in progress. No one's really ever reached the standard of being righteous and holy and superbly godly, even the Pope. (and if you hate this, I'd throw out a bible verse to you)

Lorenzana brings up his terrible experience of feeding on Scriptures and stories and movies and tv shows that support Chirstianity and almost, according to what I see from his words, kills the human nature. And so he realizes that as he grew older and older, He'd be escaping from the blockages and emerge to be the man who welcomes the "sins" of the world.

Then he throws out issues on so-called Christians.

Katy Perry had a preacher for a parent, but there she sings out it felt so right it felt so wrong. :)
Caleb Followill and Annalynne McCord of 90210 were also set as examples.

These proves that exhaustion from being told too much about what to do and what not to do can lead to stupendous amounts of destruction.

Or is it really something to blame on the teaching or the teacher?

This is Ranting Hatter's mindshaker: THE SELF IS TO BLAME, but it's a choice we all have to make, and we all have to decide.

I grew up the same... I feared sin. I feared sex. I feared getting drunk. I feared having a different point of view.

But in twenty years, I realized that life is ever changing. Similar to the Big Brother show, we all face challenges and we all make choices. We all make a stand.

I'd rather not put my own philosophy in here, But here's something to really think about:

How do you know your God? With no religion or preacher or preaching in mind, just think about what you know about Him. Your own perception will determine your act.

To me, He's forgiving. He hears prayers. And he's left only one condition- no strings attached.

Mr. Lorenzana might have failed into looking at what it means to NOT GENERALIZE. His examples do not actually relate to the countless stories of those who live up to God's standards. Those countless stories may not also determine the stories of the so-called "bad people" who might have been living off a better life as compared to the judgmental Christians. In the end, we're all different shapes of tomatoes. (why tomatoes? we could be potatoes...)

We're all mad. It just varies how mad we are and who we are crazy for. :)

And so, for his brave thinking and one-sided article, your Ranting Hatter takes his HAT OFF to Paolo Lorenzana. Just please, next time, speak out of religion--- it's one thing in the world that really does not matter. :)

Great article!

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