Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the First Spear Gooes To...

See, our first victim is scared of the Spear... I think an Atomic Bomb could also work!

The RANTING HATTER throws the first Ranchizzing Spear to the Effin' President of the Philippines.

She emerged as a heroine, i believe, when the Philippines ousted then-a-disgrace Joseph Ejercito Estrada. She was Vice President to the bombarded Actor-turned-President... The Filipino people had no one else to run to but her.

And so in the famous streets of EDSA, a recurrence of PEOPLE POWER threw GMA to the top position: and we all thought we are facing brighter days. It was true for some time, but there is something in becoming the President that changes an individual.

GMA turned out to be The Red Queen. She faced a lot of issues--- her lies about not running, her smelly deals, her corrupt leadership---- GMA was eternally damned to being hated not only by your RANTING HATTER, but by the nation as a whole.
Now that her ten years of reign is about to end, GMA cannot be stopped. Her Martial Law did not push through, but she, with her cabinet members, is a TACTICIAN. I have decided to believe that:
  • GMA is the main cause of the Ampatuan Massacre
  • GMA is bitchin' around as she bamboozles us into thinking that she's great
  • GMA is working things out to achieve Failure of Elections with COMELEC'S help
  • GMA has a back-up plan when Noynoy Aquino wins
  • and GMA will, one day, be assassinated BIG TIME.

Your Ranting Hatter throws the first spear directly to this Corrupt and Insensitive Leader.
May her soul find repose despite 90 million angry Filipinos stepping on her poker face EVERYDAY.

And may the prayers of haters be heard,
That GMA stops her selfish reign.
May she fear what the people could do,
to a small damn leprechaun such as herself.

The next prospect for the Ranting Hatter is someone attached to the president of the Philippines... Here's a clue. :)

(and the Class E Filipinos shall be called for in another name,
as Poverty now achieves a new meaning)

Soon. :)
(image credits go to Facebook Fan Page Goodbye, GMA!)

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