Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Ranting Hatter also takes his hat off to honor the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, BENIGNO SIMEON "NOYNOY" AQUINO III.

The Ranting Hatter followed the journey of the President-Elect from the death of his mother, Corazon Aquino, to his Proclamation. This post will be devoted on the appraisal of Noynoy Aquino's first press conference as President of the Philippines.

To the 15 million Filipinos, Noynoy was worthy of winning the election. These 15 million, considered majority, believed that Noynoy Aquino possessed all the requirements for the country's next President, or more so, Savior. GMA's talons and solons have disposed the country's dignity in exchange of selfish gains. Noynoy was seen by 15 million Filipinos as the ultimate solution to respond to the problem that is the Arroyo Administration.

To the rest of the voting population, considered even a vast majority as compared to the minimum 15 million, Noynoy Aquino will be a failure.

Then the proclamation happened. Then Noynoy Aquino had his PRESS CONFERENCE.

And there, right at the brink of the cup that is held by so many journalists and cameras, Noynoy Aquino proved his worth.

President Aquino faced the world with dignity, honesty, and wit. It is not a surprise for the 15 million Filipinos--- they voted for Noynoy because they've seen and heard this before. But for the many Anti-Noynoy or Pro-others, the press conference has to prove something. It should make them realize that THE BEST THING TO DO IN THIS TRANSITION FILLED WITH HOPE AND PRAYERS, is to actually TRUST NOYNOY AQUINO JUST LIKE HOW THE 15 MILLION PEOPLE DO.

We saw formidable solutions laid down on the table. We heard a steadfast and direct answer filled with no hints of politicking. We witnessed the new President as he honestly connected to the journalists from all over the world.

Some of the answers that impressed the Ranting Hatter were these:

"No. Definitely he will not be the AFP Chief." - on General Delfin Bangit

"Our first task is to identify the problems. How could we make solutions if we don't know what the REAL problems are?" - on his first agenda as President

"I'd hand you a list of our platforms. Your question will be answered by that. but in any case, I'll give you few." -on a question challenging his plans for the mahihirap, which was followed by:

a) a push for a tie-up between TESDA and Dep-Ed to provide solution to the youth who do not like to go to college anymore. When they graduate HS, they must be able to find a job. So TESDA will take care of it.
b) PHILHEALTH- let's make it a hundred percent coverage.

We had an impressive first glance on the new President.

To the cynical few, the bitter Gordon and Gibonatics, or the Losers like Jamby and JC, it's time to reconsider. There we had a good president ready to assume the post. Keep the faith.

And so, to the new president, the Ranting Hatter is excited to see what you will bring upon us.

Note that the Ranting Hatter will keep an eye on you. Support will be given. Protection from Gonzales' Shadow Cabinet will be given. But take this in: You give us what we all expect from a President that is, at this point in time, an epitome of HOPE.

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