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Of Music, Pop Stars, and Satanism: Part2.1

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As promised, we'll be talking about the accusations to the pop stars. I won't have my opinions attached in any of the facts that will be posted in this part. This is Part 2.1, and we reach Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Rihanna and the rest follows in the next blogs. No opinions will be made here that will make the Ranting Hatter appear to be biased. The Ranting Hatter shall reserve the opinions for the third Part of this series.


So... Here we see someone named Vigilant Citizen making all the necessary observations to conclude the association of the pop stars to project Monarch or to MIND CONTROL. The person behind Vigilant Citizen is probably more aged and experienced as compared to the person behind the Ranting Hatter.

In his Read This First page, he pulls out an exemplary narration of how Mass Media uses the Mind Control Techniques. He concludes the page with this:

This article examined the major thinkers in the field of mass media, the media power structure and the techniques used to manipulate the masses. I believe this information is vital to the understanding of the “why” in the topics discussed on The Vigilant Citizen. The “mass population” versus “ruling class” dichotomy described in many articles is not a “conspiracy theory” (again, I hate that term), but a reality that has been clearly stated in the works of some of the 20th century’s most influential men.

Lippmann, Bernays and Lasswell have all declared that the public are not fit to decide their own fate, which is the inherent goal of democracy. Instead, they called for a cryptocracy, a hidden government, a ruling class in charge of the “bewildered herd.” As their ideas continue to be applied to society, it is increasingly apparent that an ignorant population is not an obstacle that the rulers must deal with: It is something that is DESIRABLE and, indeed, necessary, to insure total leadership. An ignorant population does not know its rights, does not seek a greater understanding of issues and does not question authorities. It simply follows trends. Popular culture caters to and nurtures ignorance by continually serving up brain-numbing entertainment and spotlighting degenerate celebrities to be idolized. Many people ask me: “Is there a way to stop this?” Yes, there is. STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson

The Vigilant Citizen describes his character as having an education that was "perfect to hold a job in marketing or PR, but did not satisfy my thirst for truth". He says he is also a music producer. He says he wants to "open the world's eye". he is up for exploring the world's secret societies.


Lady Gaga's logo with the Thunderbolt symbolism

The Icon most blatantly hit by the site is Lady Gaga. The Vigilant Citizen describes Lady Gaga as the Illuminati Puppet. It provided necessary observations that are pointing to Lady Gaga's involvement to the Project Monarch which we have discussed in this site in the previous post. It started off with Lady Gaga's name, then to her logo, then of course, to her music videos.

The All-Seeing Eye

The Ranting Hatter will not state all the observations, but I will take note of some on the Vigilant Citizen's list:

Mickey Mouse Shades directed to Disney Movies being used in the Monarch Programming
  • Lady Gaga's Gaga name is directed to the meaning of a lighthearted silliness
  • Lady Gaga's logo bears the symbolism of a Thunderbolt
  • Lady Gaga loved the All-Seeing Eye Symbolism (you can see it in her videos)
  • Mickey Mouse Shades hinting the Monarch Programming
Gaga electrocuted in the opening of one of her tours

The site furthers the unending proof-laying with pictures of Lady Gaga being electrocuted. It also interprets Lady Gaga songs and associates it with the meaning of being led to a certain point similar to the process of the Monarch Programming.

the pose is similar to Baphomet's pose. Notice the hand signals.

See the Symbol?

She is followed by Beyonce, who was listed there upon due to her alter-ego Sasha Fierce.


see the Baphomet imagery?

Beyonce was quoted in many instances as having been influenced by external forces during her stage performances as Sasha Fierce.

robot alter-egos are related to mind control and Monarch programming

Her SWEET DREAMS are also interpreted as Monarch Programming Insinuations:
  • Monarch treatment gives a feeling of “light-headeness, as if one is floating”
  • It engenders a new creation, an alternate personality
  • The victim sees his controller as “god”
  • Dark occult rituals are involved in the process
  • Symbols relating to Monarch programming involve mirrors, glass shattering, rainbows, robots and more.
The blatant hit to her was more about her being Sasha Fierce. look at the pictures and try to see if there are any recurring symbolisms:

All Seeing Eye Symbolism

remember the Mickey Shades?

Next, We'll look at Rihanna and others...
But let me ask you... Is this all making sense?
Do you believe they are Satanic? Possessed? Keep your thoughts and Faith intact. :)
we're coming up with more...

And of course, the Ranting Hatter throws either a spear or his hat... We have yet to find out. :)

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