Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Of Music, Pop Stars, and Satanism: Not New

In the height of the universal buzz about the not-so-secret society Illuminati and its puppets in the music industry, the Ranting Hatter dares to give his stand about the issue.

The Ranting Hatter starts off by saying: WHAT'S NEW?

I grew up in a Baptist family. Back in the old days, my mom was always freaked out by the various cartoon shows that instill, according to her books and according to pastors, satanic and un-Christian values. Funny how Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, and a dozen of other TV shows were deemed to be not child-friendly--- you could just imagine what kind of a home it was.

And then we went to a lighter church... a more open one... And things became consistent. We had, for discussions, backmasked music like Macarena, Asereje, and the like. What's famous is evil, and what's evil is forbidden.

Things never changed. Until now, we hear different issues regarding the involvement of Pop Icons and Pop Shows with Satanism and bashing of religious beliefs. We've had JK Rowling and her Harry Potter world which was, although I finished all seven books, previously was forbidden in our house. We've had Michael Jackson, Beatles, Rappers and Spice Girls as "bad guys and girls".

And now, we have Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Paramore, and a lot of other celebrities who are thought of and accused to be members of a secret society.

This three part blog series is dedicated to such. We will be using, as a platform, who presented all the evidences regarding the accusations. The Ranting Hatter will also research and provide necessary information along the way.

We aim to see what these pop stars are accused of, what Ranting Hatter has to say, and what are the things expected from us to do regardless of religion and social state of being.

Let the Blogging Tea Party begin.


  1. i remember one story of how 'hotel california' was made...

    and then there were several posts have been in the internet with the message of the lyrics decoded, saying things related to the dark side and such.

    creeped out of the song ever since. still do, but i'd rather not think about it.

    and i also heard that Beatles is also not a stranger to this topic because of their songs [and John Lennon's comment about them being more famous than Jesus]. do you know the Charles Manson murder case? he says that the beatles has messages for him that lead him to murder several people. [haha, to think that i'm still a fan of the Beatles :D]

    natutuwa naman ako sa mga blog post mo kuya :) kahit na mejo parang ayoko itong pagusapan. para sakin naman kasi nasa decision yan ng tao kung ano ang papaniwalaan nila.

  2. again hi shathree. :) ahhahahaha! ako din allergic ako sa topic na to pero ayan binlog ko that time kasi i wa pissed off to see how big of an issue it was na devil's advocate si Lady Gaga. :))