Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Real Game of Thrones Part 1

Part 1: Who Sits on the Iron Throne?

Who sits on the country's Iron Throne?  It was not the current King. It was the former Queen.

Chilling. If ghosts really did exist and have the hobby of creeping up behind us, tickling our spines with icy airs of death, it is the same chilling effect. Chills when former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in all her last strides to barricade herself with protective strategies, appointed Associate Justice Renato Corona as the new Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines. The country has voted a new president. Democracy ruled in the game-changing election, when people looked forward to an election not controlled by the administration, and the evidence was when many of the admin bets slipped down the tally in a painful loss and received damaging stabs of truth. The people didn't want one more moment with GMA nor her cronies. It was time to move on.

But that midnight appointment spelled out it was not going to happen.

As the JBC nominated the next justices in line to replace CJ Puno following his retirement, two stood their grounds in believing it was not for an outgoing president to decide on who the next administration's CJ would be. They are Associate Justices Antonio Carpio and Conchita Carpio-Morales. Their opposite, Renato Corona, gleefully accepted GMA's decision.

Constitution experts believe this is wrong and is an impeachable offense.

Article VII Section 15 spells out the truth. There's a Constitutional Ban on GMA's appointing powers, and that began March of 2010. Corona's appointment was made days after the election, May of 2010. From the very start, Corona's post was flawed.

Our laws do not spell out one rule which might have stopped GMA from doing all these things. That ONE RULE, I believe, is a moral virtue one has to uphold at times like this – it's something we call delicadeza.

It was chilling because GMA was able to put all barricades into place. Her Ombudsman appointee cannot be removed from office other than reasons of impeachment or resignation. Same goes for her Chief Justice. And because she does not possess that ONE RULE of higher moral standard, she breached delicadeza and secured a post in the Congress, representing her District in Pampanga. It was chilling because SHE IS UNTOUCHABLE.

And she played the game with such expertise. She holds the Iron Throne.

Yes, I voted for President Noynoy Aquino. With me are millions of other "fools" who believed he can lead us away from these trends in corruption. We are millions of "yellow army", "yellow brigade", and just plainly speaking, stupid people voting for a dead president's son. I beg to defer. Stupid as I am to have voted for PNOY, my intellect is firm. And my choice is something I am proud of, but at the same time I am most watchful of.

My wish? That he would make GMA touchable once again. That he would, as the country's leader, get us through all the barricades GMA had set and reach her, snatch her out of her comfort, and like a thief in the night surprise her with pulled out resources, dead-end corners, and ferret out the truth out of her, if there remains any.

All of these he should do while saving the country's ass from many other factors. Poverty. Territorial Battles. Economy. Law and Order. Peace. Education or lack of it. Jobs or lack of it. But most of all, the choice was driven because of one thing – that even if he fails in others, I just want to see an honest president.

On May 29, 2012, I believe another one of GMA's formidable walls had fallen. It was not an easy thing to do, and as a mere 22 year-old young man looking at the wars for the throne, it did not even look as bright and wise. It was a dirty little game, blown up to bigger proportions.. but in that dirty little game, I had hoped the lesser evil would emerge the victor... 

It took 44 days for that formidable wall to fall. In about 40 of those days, GMA still secures the Iron Throne. How was it taken away from her? Who was the culprit? Who was the victor? 

And by taking the throne away from her, will the political game of thrones end?

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